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The highly anticipated Blade 150cc UTV Blade has arrived!

After two years of Research and Development Motobravo and partner ODES will finally release to the public the highly anticipated Blade 150cc UTV.  Our first container shipment is expected by Jan 2011.  The container will have 25 pieces and 19 are already presold to our dealers.

With a more agressive body style and taiwanese based powerplant this little monster is sure to be a lot of fun for the kids and small adults alike.  We have alot of people asking alot of questions which we appreciate very much although, we can only answer based on our demo unit and until the full productions units arrive we cannot make any concrete determinations about the final product.  As we get closer to shipment from China and arrival at port we will update here in this news blog so check back often. 

>If this were not enough we are currently working on a 300cc model expected by Christmas 2011. 

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